I am stunned.  Outraged!  Disbelieving!  I’ll have to get a second job!

How about this instead.  Take $50 and buy every one of her DVD, then send the rest of the money to the African Relief Fund. Millions of people – the poorest, most at risk people – have fled their homes due to violence, they live in squalled camps where they have no electricity, no running water, no sewage, no light, no blankets against the cold nights.  The women have to give sex to to the guards to get the food that’s supposed to be free.  They have no hope, no future unless the people in the wealthy nations donate to the charities.

Millions are starving to death in Yemen.  War, food shortage, a Cholera epidemic. 

Ukraine.  Besides the war , a dam just broke and flooded thousands of homes.

Nigeria: Boko Haram kidnapping children and turning them in soldiers or selling them into slavery.

Marburg and Ebola out breaks Sub-Sarah and Uganda. 

Hey!  I’m talking to you!  The world is suffering, in chaos, babies dying of malaria because they can’t afford $2 netting.

Say, what did you watch today?  Dancing with the Stars?  Some great series on Netflix that you’re taking to all your friends about?  That’s not a life.  That’s a slow death.

Stop watching fucking TV.  Make a pen pal to a boy or girl in a danger.  Write to them. Tell them you love and care about them.  Offer them hope out of their mire.  Hey, life is not about you accumulating more toys or going to $100 dinners or buying a new car every year.  You have the potential to help so many.  Forget about that new tattoo, the money for which could keep a hospital running for a month in a third world country.

You think you’re living your life but you’re really living the life the advertisers created for you…making you believe you need new things.  Stop watching inane TV.  Read a book: 1984 by George Orwell.  The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck.  Anything but a romance novel or a book about aliens and space travel and ghosts, fairies and sasquatch.

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