There is an answer to the immigration situation but it has two flaws.  First, it is simple which takes away the opportunity of the bureaucracy to morph the problem into something that could only be solved by billions of dollars and tens of thousands of employees.  Second, if successful, it could take away thousands of jobs in the ATF, DEA, and Border Patrol and the private prison system.  And those people would fight like crazed dogs if any one tried to seal their jib or limited their revenues.

The answer is a simple database.

Have every citizen and business in America post their needs on a website.  Nannies, cooks, pickers, gardeners, construction, chauffeurs, landscapers, handyman.

Then have every immigrant state their skills.  Send the resume and picture(s) of every immigrant to the party seeking that specific help.

Allow for immediate work permits based on a waiting job.

Sound simple?  It is . That’s why it probably won’t be instituted.

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