First, you need to know that Joe Biden is a bastard.  Besides being a horrible president who caused a dozen American deaths during the troops evacuating Afghanistan, he left behind thousands of Afghans who had acted as interpreters and guides.  All those men and women will be found by the Taliban and executed. He withheld F-18 fighter jets from Ukraine for a full year while Ukraine still had momentum, only to provide them when the offensive was already stopped. Gutless Joe did not stand up against Israel as they slaughter 33,000 men women and children in Gaza. (Tens) of millions were displaced and killed in uprisings in Africa while he has done nothing to alleviate the suffering.

Joe speaks out of both sides of his mount regarding the war in Gaza. He’s trying to keep both the Palestinian vote and the Israeli vote. But by not taking a clear stand, he will lose both. Either he is a fool or his staff is afraid to speak up, or both. Either way he’s going to lose the election and bring forth the Anit-Christ.

Now, worst of all…polls show Joe losing to Trump in the general election. 

But because Joe has a brutal tempter and screams and curses at his staff, everyone is afraid to bring up import issues or question the direction of the campaign.

Joe, on his own, has decided that it is best to do nothing. Just don’t say or do something so stupid it will hand the election to Trump. That thinking could not be more wrong. Every time Trump loses a case, he solidifies his base who thinks he is being unfairly attacked.

There is nothing that Trump could say, and nothing that could happen to Trump that will hand the election to Joe.

The only way he can win is to drink 4 or 5 cups of coffee, stop shuffling his feet as he walks and stop mumbling and start talking coherently.

Why hasn’t a single person in his campaign or staff suggested to set up a go fund me page for Ukraine which would raises tens of billions of dollars in matter of a week or two. Doesn’t anyone there have a brain or the guts to confront senile Joe? (And risk being called a fucking moron). And if you think that is an exaggeration, then you haven’t read the right journals.

He has appointed Kamala Harris as the pit bull to go after Donald Trump. While it is true that Harris is half Black, she does not look black and does no talk black, while the democrats have lost 20% of the support in Black and brown communities. And have you listened to Harris speak? One of the worst voices I have heard in a long time: monotone, uninspired.

So, why doesn’t Joe appoint Wes Moore or Gavin Newsome as the point man? Well, Joe doesn’t want anyone to share the limelight with them.

His monstrous ego and foul mouth, ego and vindictiveness are what will cause him to lose the election.

His misunderstanding of the cult following of Trump will be Joe’s downfall.

What a brave men would do, what a concerned citizen would do, what an American would do, is bow out of the race and nominate someone else (Wes Moore of Maryland, Gavin Newsome of California) take the helm.  It wouldn’t matter to Joe if he was 50 points behind in the polls, he still wouldn’t bow out.  It’s all about Joe, not about democracy.  

He won’t even nominate another person (young: Pennsylvania’s Democratic Gov. Josh Shapiro, Black: Wes Moore, or gay (Colorado governor Jarid Polis)) as vice –president because he is afraid that he will have to share the limelight with them.

This is sad. This is disgraceful. But no one is speaking out.

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