Well, I’m glad you asked.  Joe Biden is a scumbag.  Besides being a horrible president who caused a dozen American deaths during the troops evacuating Afghanistan, he left behind thousands of Afghans who had acted as interpreters and guides.  All those men and women will be found by the Taliban and executed.

He allowed the disaster at the border to get worse without implementing a single policy to try to alleviate the suffering.

He withheld F-18 fighter jets from Ukraine for a full year while Ukraine still had momentum, only to provide them when the offensive was already stopped.

Gutless Joe did not stand up against Israel as they slaughtered 20,000 men women and children (7,000) in Gaza.

He allowed inflation to almost paralyze the economy.

He did not stand up against Saudi Arabia as they supplied weapons to the Yemeni government in their fight against Houthi rebels, leading to the slaughter of tens of thousands.

Joe sucked Muḥammad bin Salmān’s dick begging him to increase oil sales after he butchered investigative reporter Jamal Khashoggi.

(Tens) of millions were displaced and killed in uprisings in Africa while he did nothing to alleviate the suffering.

Now, worst of all…polls show Joe losing to Trump in the general election.  What a brave men would do, what a concerned citizen would do, what an American would do, is bow out of the race and nominate someone else (Wes Moore of Maryland, Gavin Newsome of California).  It wouldn’t matter to Joe if he was 50 points behind in the polls, he still wouldn’t bow out.  He is mad with power.  It’s all about Joe, not about democracy.  

He won’t even nominate another person (young, black, or gay) as vice –president because he is afraid that he will have to share the limelight with them.

I already spoke about how Joe treats his staff (like shit).

So, there is Joe’s life in a nutshell.  It will be under Joe’s watch that democracy ends and dictatorship begins.

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