Lithium is a lightweight metal used in the cathodes of lithium-ion batteries, which power electric vehicles. The need for lithium has increased exponentially due to the growing demand for EVs. The three largest producers of the element are Chile, 39,000 tones, China, 19,000 tons, and Australia, 61,000 tons.

Australia produces 53% of the world’s lithium but sells 90% to China. That leaves Chile as the second largest producer of lithium in the world at almost 30% of the total. With access to that market, America has been able to meet its demands now and for the foreseeable future…until, suddenly, Chilean lithium is taken off the market.  The richest man in the world, Damien Archer, is hoarding the lithium and will keep it off the market until countries are willing to pay an exorbitant price.

That leaves the United States in the position of falling behind in the race to end the reliance on fossil fuels. The U.S. President and his cabinet have called an emergency meeting of the cabinet secretaries to formulate a plan of action.  It comes down to Paul Decker, President Hardessy’s top troubleshooter, to go to Chile and liberate the native people Damien Archer, and his company, Telstar, has enslaved to work in the factories and free up the production of the lithium.

In case there is any doubt in your mind…Telstar is modeled after Tesla and Damien Archer is modeled after Elon Musk.

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