can you hear the whistle? a train is coming

I am reaching out to all of you.  Wake up!!  Please wake up!!  I spend time in bookstores doing my reading and writing.  The majority of people I see are reading car magazines, graphic novels, romance novels or they are on their laptops playing games or surfing the net, tweeting and texting on their cell phones.  I read recently where the average cell phone user spends between one and two hours a day on Facebook.  Then, at home, watching sitcoms and movies.

Don’t you see?  Don’t you hear it?  There’s a train coming and it’s going to run you over.  50% of all jobs in every field but engineering, science, computer and robotics will be GONE within 5 to 10 years.  That’s HALF of ALL jobs.  And while you are sharing photos and meeting friends of face book using your play station your world is changing faster than you could ever imagine.

A man has invented a technology to be deployed in fast food establishments.  ALL jobs will be eliminated.  ALL.  Millions will be displaced.

But you think you are safe because you have a college education or a skill.

Wrong, robots will replace laborers, smart algorithms will replace white collar jobs.

Your only hope is to take on-line courses in robotics, computers, coding, physics, mathematics.  Such course are almost free on line.

You have very little time left before the train of technology runs you over.

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