Every poll shows Joe Biden trailing Donald Trump.  Polls also show that Joe Biden is the only democrat Trump can beat.

So, all that has to happen is for senile Joe to step aside.  They could create a duplicate of the Oval Office in his home in Delaware and sit Joe behind the desk and have the phone ring all day long.  He wouldn’t know he wasn’t in Washington.

If dementia-addled Joe stepped aside and nominated Jared Polis, or Gavin Newsom or Wes Moore, democracy would be saved.

But Joe won’t step aside because it’s not about American or democracy, it’s all about Joe.

Even if he replaced Kamala Harris (who has an even worse approval rating that Joe: 39% of registered voters had a favorable opinion of Harris and 55% had an unfavorable opinion) with a younger man or woman, that would be enough to turn the tide.  But Joe won’t do that because he won’t share the limelight with anyone.

Biden is tied for second-lowest approval rating of any president in the past 70 years

The latest CNN Poll of Polls, which includes a new CBS poll, finds that President Joe Biden’s approval rating among all adults stands at 41%, with 56% disapproving.

Joe Biden is a greedy, selfish, nasty old man who can barely walk and talk but thinks he’s the future for America.

I’d bet that even if he had a stroke (a 50% chance that will occur before the election), Joe would still run from his hospital bed.

Joe is insane with power.  He covets power regardless of the effect his greed and depravity and mental illness would have on America and the world.

Joe Biden is the greatest danger to America losing its Democracy.

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