Reasons why Biden will lose the election:

1. Not naming a young, diverse race v.p. (Wes Moore of Maryland). Of course, Biden being a megalomaniac refuses to share the limelight with anyone. Ergo, we have Kamala Harris who has an even lower approval rating than his pathetic numbers.)

2. Not demanding that Israel stop its operation in Gaza. Biden is counting votes, trying to figure out how many votes he would gain or lose by choosing one side or the other (Palestinians: three hundred thousand, 3.45 million Muslims, 7.5 million Jews). What he doesn’t realize is that the great majority of liberal Israeli voters believe Israel should stop its ground operations. Add those votes to the Muslim and Palestinian voters of Michigan and Biden might just win the white house.

3. He has not set up a go fund me site for Ukraine which could raise 10 billion in a matter of days.

4. He doesn’t take a hit of five-hour energy before speaking in public.

5. Biden’s advisors are either deathly afraid of him or are just plain stupid.

6. He has not assigned a “pit bull” to go after Trump and destroy him by turning the arguments and facts against him that he uses when speaking about Biden.

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