Watch the man as he smirks when saying Donald Trump won the 2020 election. Watch him as he smirks when saying God told him to run for speak of the house. Watch him smirk as he says he is not denying aid to Ukraine because Donald Trump told him not to.

Every word out of his mouth is a lie, self-serving, against the laws of man and God and the Constitution.

Watch him laugh while withholding aid to Ukraine where hundreds of young men have died directly attributable to him. Ukraine now has only enough ammo to fire once for every time Russia fires 10 times.

Mike Johnson doesn’t pray to God; he thinks he is God.

He thinks there will be no price to pay for his actions and inactions.

Can anyone really be that stupid?

What will happen is that his children and grandchildren will read about his actions and disown him.

What will happen is when he dies and is judged by God to have caused the death of hundreds of young men to feed his megalomania.

Mike Johnson has a few surprises waiting for him but he’s so stupid, so narrowly focused he’ll never even see it coming.

God has a speech place in help waiting for those who inflict pain, suffering and death on the young and innocent

It won’t be Mike Johnson who has the last laugh.

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