Republicans now plan to turn our democracy to fascism   In 2016 the Republican Party removed items and wording objectionable to then-candidate Donald Trump. At their 2020 convention, Republicans didn’t even bother to write a platform or agenda on which they would run. They would endorse and support whatever President Trump wanted to do in …

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During its later stages, capitalism transforms into a form of neoliberal fascism. Here, the inherent suffering caused by capitalism through the dismantling of the welfare state, safety nets, and the exacerbation of inequality merges with displays of racism, racial cleansing, hyper-masculinity, ultra-nationalism, militarism, the scape-goating of vulnerable populations, and the politics of disposability. Among the …

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Poisoning for Profit – The Mafia and Toxic Waste in America

Information from undercover investigations, hearings, taped conversations, confessions, and suppressed official reports documents organized crime’s involvement in illegal toxic waste dumping and the ineffectiveness of government agencies responsible for regulating toxic waste disposal. Abstract A historic review chronicles organized crime’s domination of the solid waste disposal industry in the Northeast and the illegal tactics used …

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